Welcome Literature Fans

My name is D. R. Webb and writing has saved my life. I have had some dark times and the ability to write my thoughts down and create my own immersive world was not only a coping technique but a salvation.

I originally started writing screenplays as that is how I saw the story’s in my head, like a movie playing that I just had to capture. If for no other reason than these characters needed the acknowledgment to be made record of.

Its been many years since I first put pen to paper, things are very different now. I have dealt with my mental heath, and feel conscious of my wellbeing. I met a very special man whom I am now engaged to and we live together in a house full of laugher and joy.

It has been an amazing experience pawing through my old notebooks and again meeting the old friends I know once. They spoke to me and demanded yet again they live. I decided to re-write the stories as novels this time as it felt like the perfect way of building their world.