Steve and Mandy have been on the streets for years now. They have nothing, well nothing but each other! Finally they have a plan to get back on their feet.

Steve is leading back into the city to look for work, housing and a new start, all is going well until they are introduced to a strange street boy. He is quiet and pleasant but what secrets is he hiding?

Will it be smooth sailing for them or will this new face present a spanner in the works?

Editorial feedback
“Steve by D.R Webb is a suspense filled novel that explores homelessness, foster care and the harsh realities that come with not having a home to call one’s own. Through the lives of a couple and a boy from abusive parents, the author tells in simple language why kindness is important in redefining the ties that bind individuals and family members.
-It is a book that comes highly recommended.”

This is the first book in the ‘It’s all about the music’ series.

Release Date: 1st July 2021

Format: Print/eBook




Steph was an ordinary working mother. She wasn’t special, or so she thought! After a specifically difficult shift she met a man that changes the course of her life, forever.

George helps her through a set of challenges and pushes her to reach for the stars, to create a better life for herself and her son Mattie. George is a man of mysteries.

He drinks at their local pub, what can he say? He likes a drink, doesn’t everyone? But where is he getting his money from, he doesn’t like talking about “work”. 

This is the second book in the ‘It’s all about the music’ series.

Release Date: TBC

Format: Print/eBook

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