What is #iamsteve

#iamsteve is a campaign that comes off the back of the novel Steve. This novel explores some adult themes around homelessness, mental health, substance and physical abuse. When the book was done, as you can imagine, there was a rush of endorphins. It was a real high point.

Reading the story back, I slipped back to that moment when I had originally written the skeleton of the story. Alone, struggling just to get out of bed, unable to leave the house. Writing was an escape, I fell back to that version of me all them years ago, just for a moment. I knew I had to do something more.

I decided to donate some of the proceeds to charities aiming to help people get back on track, no matter what they were struggling with. I realised just like the protagonist, Steve, we were all broken and on a journey. With friends, a bit of guidance and love we can get back on track. I realised I AM Steve.

The campaign started there!

How do I take part?

We would be looking for a short video clip of you telling your story. To help you tell your story we have an outline of four questions below. If you don’t know what to say simply record yourself answering them, if you would like to tell your story in a different way please feel free to do so.

Ideally the video wouldn’t run for more than two minutes and there is no minimum time so say as little or as much as you want. Please record yourself against a plain background (a painted wall for example), but do the best you can. One thing we ask is for you finish the video by saying “#I AM STEVE”.

The questions to answer on video:

What happened to me?
What was my low point?
Who helped me out the situation?
What did I learn about myself?